StartUp Europe Smart Agrifood Summit

Novel Farming Systems, Farm Management Sotfware Sensing & IOT, Mid- stream technologies, Farm Robotics, Mechanization & Equipment

Indoor farms, aquaculture, insect, & algae production. Ag data capturing devices, decision support software, big data analytics. Food safety & traceability tech, logistics & transport, processing tech. On-farm machinery, automation, drone manufacturers, grow equipment.

Moderator: Juan Francisco Delgado. Executive Vicepresident European Foundation for Innovation INTEC Foundation

  • Pascal Goumain Virtual. President Aquaponic Management Project AMP
  • Guillermo Renancio Virtual. Director of Technology, Expansion and Strategic Partnerships Grupo Nueva Pescanova 
  • Angelo Colombo Virtual. International Comercial Director Sinfo One
  • Pedro Navajas. Founder NOSOLOSOFTWARE