StartUp Europe Smart Agrifood Summit

  Edition 2021

Edition 2021

  Rural Depopulation Forum

Thursday 30 / September / 2021


European experiences as an answer for the depopulation

Stage 1

Moderate: Cristina Romero. Chief Executive Officer at UNIVEN CAPITAL

  • María del Mar Delgado. Principal researcher at the University of Cordoba (UCO) of DESIRA project
  • [Video] Fernando García Prieto. Head of Rural Development Programs Service. General Directorate of Industries, Innovation and Agri-Food Chain. Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development. Andalusian Regional Government
  • [Video] Serafín Pazos-Vidal. : Head of European Policy of the Scottish Convention of Local Authorities (COSLA) and researcher


Auditorium 1

Conducting the event:

  • Paula Morales. Director of Fairs at FYCMA
  • Juan Francisco Delgado. Vice-president of INTEC

  • [Video] Carmen Crespo. Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Regional Government of Andalucia
  • [Video] Luis Planas. Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Government of Spain
  • Manuel Campo Vidal. President of the European Foundation for Innovation INTEC
  • [Video] Dubravka Šuica. Vice President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography

Keynote speech: [Virtual] Paolo de Castro. Member of the Committee on Agriculture of the European Parliament

  • [Virtual] Maciej Golubiewski. Head of Cabinet of the Commissioner for Agriculture of the European Commission
  • Natacha Rivas. Fourth Vice-president of the Provincial Council of Malaga, and deputy of the Area of Citizenship and Attention to the Depopulation of the Territory
  • Vicente Pérez García de Prado. General Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Food. Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Regional Government of Andalucia
  • Francisco de la Torre. Mayor of Malaga

Women roles in the face of the demographic challenge: Talent Woman

Stage 1

Sponsored by:


Moderate: Pilar Parra. 2nd Vicepresident and Deputy of Economy, Finance, Assistance to Municipalities City Council of Jaen

  • Nazaret Mateos. CEO of Entre Setas
  • Benjamín Lana. President of Vocento Gastronomía and organizer of the I Congress Féminas de Gastronomía, Mujeres y Medio Rural
  • Elvira Domingo. RIS Programme Manager at EIT FOOD
  • Lucía Velasco. Ganadería Álvarez Velazco
  • Brígida Jiménez. Director of Cabra Centre of the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA) Consejería de Agricultura Ganadería Pesca y Desarrollo Sostenible. Andalusian Regional Government 
  • María del Mar Delgado. Delegate of the Rector for International Projection at Cordoba University (UCO). Vice-rector for International Projection

Good practices in addressing the demographic challenge from social innovation: rural identity. Panel coordinate: Provincial Council of Málaga

Stage 1

Sponsored by:


Moderator: Natacha Rivas Campo. 4th Vice President and Deputy Delegate for Social Innovation and Depopulation of the Provincial Council of Malaga

  • Support in the repopulation process: “My Environment recovers with you” from the Spanish Red Cross and Vente a Vivir a un Pueblo SL platform
    Ramón Pradera.
    Director and creator of Vente a vivir a un pueblo
    Paula Rodríguez.
    Social Intervention technician at Cruz Roja

  • The emotional bond, key to avoid depopulation: “Welcoming Town” of Aula del Mar
    Cristina Moreno.
    President of the Talento y Naturaleza Asociation. Director of the Pueblo Acogedor Project. Director of Aula del Mar

  • Young people and their attachment to the countryside: “La Semilla Rural” by Asociación Extiércol
    Cristóbal González.
    President of Extiercol


Rural Lab. Digitalisation of administrations and the offer to attract talent and entrepreneurs in rural areas

Stage 1

Moderate: Miguel Ángel Molinero. Director partner of Rurapolis

  • Antonio Galán. Director of Employment and Enterprise Area Provincial Council of Jaén
  • José Morales Cobo. Manager of Eprinsa. Córdoba Distrito Smart
  • Francisco Javier Ruiz. Mayor of Fuente Palmera
  • José Aquilino Antuña. General Director of Comitas e-Health
  • [Video] Juan Manuel Velasco. Programme Manager Broadband at DG AGRI, Agriculture and Rural Development European Commission